Monday, June 7, 2010

My Best Teacher Gift Ever!!!

My adventurous son had the coolest teacher this year, Mr. C., who is a HUGE Star Wars Fan. Mr. C's classroom had tons of Star Wars stuff everywhere!!! We were soooo excited because we are Star Wars fans ourselves. So for Mr. C's teacher appreciate gift I thought I would make him some really cool Star Wars hall passes. I came up with the idea of a wall board with lanyard passes. Here is what I did.
For the wall board I got some MDF, Black and Gray paint, some kitchen knobs on clearance from Lowe's (not pictured yet) and some custom vinyl (in Star Wars font I might add!!!) from my friend Shelly at Thanks Shelly it turned out great!!!!!
I painted the base coat black and then flecked gray paint with a tooth brush to make it have depth and look like outer space. After it all dried I added the vinyl letters, measured and drilled the holes for the knobs and attached them.Now on to the lanyard hall passes. I got some Star Wars stickers (which were really hard to find!), some clear ID Badge covers from Office Max, some black gross grain ribbon (there was no Star Wars ribbon to be found anywhere, bummer!) and some clips.

I cut the ribbon into 30" pieces and burned the edges so they wouldn't fray.
Then I sewed the ribbon around the clip.

I downloaded the Star Wars font off the Internet (there are tons of these fonts on the net!!!) and made the inserts for the ID Badge holders. I liked the black background best!!!
I embellished the passes with stickers on the front and die cuts on the back.

Taa Daaa!!! Didn't it turn out great!!!! Mr. C. really loved it and asked me to make a few more passes for him. I am really happy with this teacher gift. The teachers at school said I might be setting myself up for some high expectations. Now all my sons teachers will be expecting something just as cool!
Also Mr. Crafty Camper asked for an extension on his post, so hopefully next week I will feature his post!!!

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