Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally Fun Sewing!!!

So now that school is done for me for a while I can finally get some fun sewing done. Well with my visit to see my sister in Kansas I thought I would drive a few more hours into Kansas and see my college roommate. I wanted to make her boys something and decided on super hero capes. (You can't ever go wrong with super hero capes!!!) Well they loved them!!!!

I also decided to help my sister learn to sew a little better and made this super cute purse. I think it turned out sooooo good for her first time using a pattern and a zipper!!!

Just in case you didn't know................................ I AM ADDICTED TO FABRIC!

I was recently in Kansas to visit my sister and I took a little trip to a few of the fabric store there. I found some of the cutest fabrics that I knew I just had to have!!! So I took a few pics of them and asked my sister if she would get them for me as I wanted them and I would pay her back. Well this was a great plan until five days after I left, her husband got transferred to Arizona! Oh well I guess I really didn't NEED all this fabric anyway!

This fabric I did get and I am going to make an apron for my daughter to go with her new kitchen that I posted about earlier. It is soooo super cute and I can't wait to get sewing on it!!
I love paper dolls and just loved this fabric.

Girl Power!!!! Enough said!!!

I love vintage fabric!!!!

This quilt totally gave me the best idea. I want to make a quilt for my kids if they decide to play sports with their school colors and mascot so they can take it with them on the bus rides to their different games!!!
I loved this rag American Flag quilt. The store would not sell me the instructions (Just the kit for $80.00) so I am going to have to do this one on my own.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gilbert Historical Museum Part 2

So here is the last post on the Gilbert Historical Museum. I love all the vintage stuff they have at this museum. Is makes me so grateful to have all the modern conveniences that I have.

I loved this scout display. It gave me some great ideas on how I want to display my sweeties scout and cub scout stuff!!! I love to get inspiration!!!!

They had a cute display of vintage hankies. I loved the crochet butterfly. I don't know that I would have the patience to do this one!! But it sure is pretty to look at!

I love to see the old paper dolls. I wish I could find some for my little girl.

Believe it or not I have a sewing machine very similar to this one that I don't use any more but have on display on top of my planter shelf. It is a great ice breaker when new friends come to my home. They always ask how I got it up there, and I say, "A rope, lots of my sweet husbands muscle, and sore muscles later."

I love the old kids books. I would love to find some prints and make a cute vintage play room with them. Dream on! I don't even have the room for all my sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, embroidery, and all the other hobbies I have! Oh well a girl can dream!