Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun Sewing Tip

I saw this idea on the Internet and thought it was so great. I am always trying to find ways to store my bobbins so that they are not unraveling all over the place. Well the web site was selling Bobbin Cozies. They looked just like the little girls fabric hair ties to me so while I was shopping this morning I picked up a big package for $2.

It works perfectly! I tried to color match the pony tail holder to the color of the bobbin thread to make it easier to tell what color thread was on the bobbin. It works soooo great and I got some new hair accessories for my little girl too!! I love a multi tasking product!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My New Scissors!!!

I am soooo excited! I got myself a new pair of Rag Quilting Scissors!!! They cut like butter, even through 5 layers of denim! I have a quilt to make and am so excited to not have my scissors make my hands cramp.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Last Minuet Mothers Day Idea

So I meant to post this earlier in the week but had some domestic issues. My washing machine has been broken for almost two weeks! But you will see more on that later. So here is the scoop, this is a great Mothers Day gift idea. It's a perpetual birthday calendar book.
Items Needed:
1 3-ring binder
13 page protectors
Scrap book paper
Die cuts

I made a cover page for my book. I personalized the cover page for the ones I gave to my Moms.
You go into you Word program and make a page with 3 columns, and add numbers and lines as shown above. (I do have one I can send you that you can change for each month. Leave me a comment with your email address and I will email it to you, sorry I haven't had time to figure out down loads on my blog yet, I am the crafty camper not the computer camper). You make one for each month and write in the birthdays. Put them in the page protectors on the left hand side of the book.

Now you get crafty!!!!!! Make a cute page for each month that will hold the cards. Be creative. You could even put a scrap book page of all the people that have birthdays that month.
So this is how I use this book. At the beginning of each year or month I sit down and look at the book. I look at each birthday and write in my planner (yes I still use a paper planner not a PDA much to my sweet husbands dismay) the day I need to send the card. Depending where that person lives will depend on how many days I count back from their birthday to remind myself to send the card. (See if I had a PDA I would only have to do this once and it would remind me every year..... hummmm) Then I go to my card stash and choose the card for that person, write their name on a sticky tab and put it on the card and place the card in the month page protector. (I send my nieces and nephews cash for their b-day so I also place the cash with the card so I know that I have it when I need it.)
That's it! Because the calendar is generic and not specific to that year you can use it over and over again!!! Now you just need to organize a card swap and you got yourself a sweet new organization idea for you and your moms!!!