Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fairy

So in our family we have a tradition. 24 hours after Halloween the children have the option of leaving their left over Halloween candy for the Halloween Fairy. The night after Halloween the children (if they choose) leave their left over Halloween candy on the front porch for the Halloween Fairy, and in the morning a nice new toy appears. This is a great way to get rid of the candy so the sugar highs don't continue for days and days!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crafty Cousins Halloween Fun!!!

Many years ago I received a cute Christmas pillow case as a gift from my fabulous college roommate Heidi K.'s step mom Susan. (Thanks Susan I still have it!!) Ever since then I have wanted to make some fun pillow cases for the holidays. Well now that I am married and have kidos of my own I decided that now was the time!

So I invited my niece and nephew over for Crafty Cousins Halloween Pillow Case Day. We had sooooo much fun. My little man got his done almost all by him self and I helped the two little girls with theirs. My sweet little nephew was just having too much fun playing so I just made his for him. I think this might become a new family tradition. We got them all done in about an hour. Aren't they sooo cute!!! I know you want to try one. We adapted the pillow case tutorial from my friend Jona over at Fabritopia, so check it out!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crafty Halloween Fun

So I have been wanting to try this Pink Fig pattern and knew that my sweet little girl just "needed" a new something to wear for Halloween. Joann's was having 50% off their Halloween fabric so I knew this would be the perfect time to try it! ( I even got the pattern on sale!!)
I loved the results!!! Top stitching was not my favorite, but it really make it come out nicely. I did run out of bobbin thread 8 inches short of my original starting point when I was making the gathering stitch so I took that as a sign and stopped for the day and went and bought some more thread.
She loves the twirl factor of this skirt and can't help but just twirl around when she has it on! Seriously it is almost horizontal when she spins around!!!

I found some cute leggings with sparkles and it just completed the look!!!

Projects Update

The Crafty Camper Girl has been very busy for the past 2 weeks but here are a few highlights of what I have been doing!

So I took Jona's Spray Paint Challenge (from and decided that now was the time to get this cute plant shelf project done! I found a can of spray paint in the garage that was the exact color I wanted (Yeah for freebie left overs!!!) and started the project. Well I ran out of spray paint on the last shelf and had to stop so that I could go and get more. But it is all painted now and I am just waiting for my other freebie find (tile for each shelf because I don't like the glass it came with) and then I can take pics of the finished project. I love this shelf for entertaining, I put the plates and forks and cups etc on it. I can't wait to get it finished!!!My next project was this Halloween Spider Quilt that I have had in the closet for 4 years. I got all of the print fabric cut and most of the stripe fabric sewn and cut. This is huge progress!!!
But unfortunately two other projects took over and this one is on the back burner again but I am truly pleased with my progress. Maybe next year I will actually get around to sewing the spider webs together. I spent a good portion of a day embroidering some baptism towels for some kidos in my primary class as well as finished a super cute Halloween skirt (using my new Pink Fig Stripwork Skirt Pattern) for my sweet little girl. (I will post more pics of this later when I down load my camera again). Not to mention that we have had Fall Break for two weeks and have been busy having fun! We got together with our cousins and made Halloween Pillow Cases!!! (More on this later). Anyway lots of fun projects here in Crafty Camper Land!!!