Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chicken Chinese Salad

I brought this salad to a little pot luck dinner last night and everyone loved it!!!! I got this recipe from my college roommate Heidi K.'s step mother Susan L. and adapted it for my families preferences. It is soooo very yummy and a great lunch or dinner during the hot summer months!!! Enjoy! (I did not have a pic of the salad but found this one that looks a lot like this recipe, I just don't like to do a post without a pic!)

Chinese Chicken Salad


1/3 pound maifun rice noodles

2 chicken breasts

1 head lettuce (shredded)

3 green onions (sliced at an angle)

1 cup celery (thinly sliced)

1 small cucumber (seeded and thinly sliced)

3 TBL spoon toasted sesame seeds

3 TBL spoon toasted almonds (slivered)


6 TBL spoons sugar

7 TBL spoons rice vinegar

2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp white pepper

1 tsp lemon juice

1/4 cup oil


Break apart rice noodles and deep fry a small amount at a time in hot oil. Noodles will fry within seconds and will be white and crisp when done. Drain and set aside.

Mix all of the dressing ingredients in a bottle, shake well and set aside.

Cook chicken breasts. They can be steamed, boiled or roasted which ever you prefer. Cool, shred, and then add about 1to 2 TBL spoons of the dressing mix to the chicken and set aside.

Toast almonds and sesame seeds. (Be careful, they will brown quickly)

Cut up all the veggies and place in a large bowl. Refrigerate all the veggies, dressing and the chicken till cold. Just before serving, lightly mix fried rice noodles, veggies, chicken, toasted sesame seeds, and toasted almonds. Pour dressing over salad and mix again.

Enjoy! CCG


Heidi and Robert said...

When I saw your post title, I thought, "hey, I know a good chinese chicken salad recipe, too"--not realizing it was the same recipe.:)

Christa said...

That looks great