Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Cookies 2010

So these were the yummy treats we left for Santa this year. Clock wise from the top, Rolo Cookie, Yummy Lemon Cookie, Magic Cookie Bars.

The Rolo Cookies were a new treat this year. I got the recipe from my friend Terisa at work and the kids loved them. We had lots of fun making them.

The Yummy Lemon Cookies is a recipe from my sister Julie. They are so easy to make and are a favorite of my sweet husband!

The Magic Cookie Bars are a long time favorite from my childhood. I remember my mom making these every Christmas and it was fun to make them for my kidos!

I will post each recipe individually over the coming days. I have been having Internet problems so I am late on getting these posted but I hope that now that the major storm has passed our neck of the desert things will get better!

I will also be posting instructions on how to make the 3D snowflakes as promised from my family blog.

Also for 2011 I will be making monthly posts on my favorite tools or helpful hints that I have discovered over the years! I am really excited to share these with you.

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Celebration!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Favorite Neighbor Christmas Gift

This year for our neighbor gifts (as well as Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching families gifts) we decided to go with our families favorite tradition, the bottle of sparkling juice and poppers. I decided to update it this year and called my friend Shelley and asked her to design us a tag for our bottles. I gave her the basic ideas and then she took it from there and made it FABULOUS!
So I bought a case of sparkling juice, bags of poppers, and curling ribbon and printed out the tags and Costco and went to work! I put a popper on a string for each member of the family and then attached it and the tag to the bottle with the curling ribbon. Then curled all the ribbons and Wa-lah!!! Instant fabulous neighbor gift for a New Years Celebration!!!
Now that fireworks are legal in Arizona I think I might include a few sparklers next year!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Sewing

I have been a very busy crafty girl this Christmas season. I wanted to share with you what I had been up to but had to wait till after Christmas as these gifts were for my family and I did not want to ruin the surprise! Some of my Christmas presents this year were monogrammed gifts. I had so much fun designing these and sewing them on my embroidery machine.
I also learned a new technique on my sewing machine, Pin Tucking!!! I bought myself an early Christmas present. A twin needle and a pin tucking foot. I had a little trouble learning how to double thread my machine but after I got the trick and the right thread (you must use the same brand and type of thread or this project is VERY frustrating!!!) it was a breeze. Now I just want to find another project to use pin tucking on!!!