Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr. Crafty Camper's First Post, The "Scotty Potty"

So now for his first guest appearance Mr. Crafty Camper will give his tutorial on our favorite latrine accessory. (When you camp as much as we do you like to have a few creature comforts!!) So Mr. Crafty Camper adapted an idea from a friend of ours and made us this little gem!!!

The "Scotty Potty" - in honor of our friend.
First start with a tube framed folding chair like the one above. I found this one at Goodwill for $3. Turn the chair over and remove the screws from the seat. Once the screws are removed the tabs pull out and you can remove the padded seat.

Go to your local hardware store and pick out your favorite toilet seat. For added comfort you could pick the padded version. :) To reduce the number of purchases, cut the existing white tabs from the bottom of the seat. You can see in the picture were I made my cuts. Keep the screws and white plastic tabs for later use. The top of the seat can be tossed (or decorated if you enjoy toilet seat decorations). If you don't want to cut the white plastic tabs, then you will need to find shorter screws to attach the seat to the chair frame. The last thing you want is to be poked in the bottom when you use this contraption.

Take the toilet seat and line it up over the tube frame. Use the metal tabs that the seat came with to secure the new seat. You may need to slightly bend the tabs prior to drilling or screwing to make sure the seat fits level. Decide where you want to attach the seat to the metal clips and then after everything is level, drill the holes in the metal clips only. Line the toilet seat up again and mark the holes from the tabs on the toilet seat so you pre-drill the toilet seat in the correct locations. Drill about 1/4 inch into the toilet seat. Be careful not to drill to far or you will go all the way through the seat.

Use the original screws and the white tabs from the toilet seat and screw them all together. The screw should go through the white plastic tab, then the metal tab, then into the pre-drilled holes in the toilet seat. Make sure they are firm, but do not over screw them or you could break the plastic tabs (spacers).

You are done. Clean up the mess so Mrs. Crafty Camper doesn't get mad at the mess you left for her to clean. Either dispose of the left over parts, or keep them around for some unknown upcoming project.

I hope you enjoyed this funny tutorial from my sweet husband, Mr. Crafty Camper!!! We took this contraption to Girls Camp with us and it was a huge hit!!! The girls thought it was so funny but after they used it they loved it (especially the padded back)!!! I think we are going to have to make another one for camp next year.

Let us know if you make one and send us pics!!!
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Christa said...

That is a wonderful idea! Great job

Julie said...

sweet beats a set and bucket

Heidi said...

No more holding on to a tree going downhill!

Linda said...

You rock girlfrien