Monday, July 21, 2014

Bathroom Box (Travel and Emergency Preparedness)

 This is a staple item for anyone who travels long distances and has kiddos. (Or not even kiddos I love having this for myself). We lovingly refer to this as our "Bathroom Box". We take this with us wherever we go.

Here are the contents:
Container-use one that fits well in your vehicle and can also fit everything you need.
Toilet Paper- I am not able to use a new roll as it is too big so I get one out of the bathroom that has had a few uses so it will fit.
Soap/Plastic Container-I tried using a zipper baggie for this but it did not last long and looked gross.
Knee High Stocking-When camping we use this to hang the soap from a five-gallon water jug next to the privy for hand washing. Super convenient.
Hand Towel/Wash Rag- We use these when camping or for those "uh-oo" moments in the car when a drink or something spills.
Hand Sanitizer-I am a huge soap and water girl and only use alcohol sanitizer when I do not have a water source. That being said germs still need to get killed so it is nice to have this as a back up.

These items fit nicely into my container and it is placed in a convenient place where we remember to grab it when we leave. Other items we take with it include; a small spade shovel, the "Scotty Potty" (if we are traveling in the truck, it is more stable than a three legged potty) (click on the link for information on the "Scotty Potty") and the privy tent if we are camping.

Other items we have included:
Brown Paper Bags-these are nice for discretely discarding feminine hygiene products.
Plastic Diaper Disposal Bags/Grocery Bags-for diapers/feminine hygiene products when you are not near a trash can.

This little gem has come in handy so many times, including those times when you are at the rest stop/restaurant/gas station and they have run out of one of these items :)
Happy summer travels everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Favorite Repurpose Tech Item ............. (My Favorite Things or Hints #2)

   I am always on the look out to repurpose items, especially when I can get them for free!
 Here is one of my favorites.
 When I am packing for a vacation or business trip I am always trying to find a small bag for my cell phone charger, USB cable, ear phones etc. I wanted a small bag that would hold everything and that I could throw in my purse or back pack for easy access.  My answer came when I was helping my mother-in-law clean out a closet and I found 2 or 3 of these glucometer bags that she was not using.

I took them home and found that the mesh pockets were just the right size for my USB cable and ear phones. The charger fit nicely in the middle and it zipped up perfectly!!!!!
I keep this little gem in my dresser drawer and can grab it when ever it need it. Plus, Mr. Crafty Camper set me up with a fabulous charger that plugs into the car, the wall and will charge two devices at once! And as a bonus, the circle charging indicator light makes a great night light when I am sleeping in unfamiliar places!
What is your favorite repurposed item?
(P.S. The Anniversary Geocache is almost finished!!!)