Monday, September 1, 2014

Patriotic Clothes Pin Wreath

I have seen some fun clothes pin wreaths being made and thought I would try my hand at one.
Items I used for this project:
Clothes Pins
Red, Cream, and Blue Spray Paint
Metallic Leafing Pen
Ribbon and Burlap Scraps from another project
Scrabble Tiles from another project
Cardboard Ring from a glass container I purchased previously
(Mr. Crafty Camper gets a little grumpy about all the things I save, until I use them for a fun project like this one.)
Hot Glue Gun

For the most part everything is self explanatory. Spray, draw stars, put on cardboard circle, etc. I used the burlap scraps to intertwine with the red ribbon and to make the bow for the side of the wreath.
 Then I hot glued the bow and the U, S, A, Scrabble tiles to the clothes pins through the burlap scraps.
I tied a knot on the ribbon and ran it under one of the clothes pins on both sides to secure it.
Not bad for under $10 and using a lot of stuff I already had.
Enjoy your week!