Friday, August 15, 2014

My Volunteer School Box (My Favorite Things or Hints #4)

I love to volunteer at my children's school! I have done lots of fun things but usually find that the parent work room is always out of supplies that I need for the project I am working on. So you know me..... I made my own Volunteer School Box to hold all of my supplies!!!
So here is what I keep stashed away in my box:
Scissors, glue stick, permanent marker, highlighter, red/black/blue pens, extra staples, paper clips, rubber thimble, brads, calculator, staple remover, large paper clips, rubber bands, large eraser, measuring tape, hole punch, crayons (for little siblings to color with), stapler, ruler, masking tape, clear tape, and a post it note pad.
I love having everything I need all in one box. It makes it so easy to find and finish my projects quickly!!!
What else would you put in your box?


Amanda said...

That is a very good idea.

Linda said...

Great ideas.