Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Fun with an Epic Fail

I know it has been a really long time since my last post. I have been an EMT for the past 5 years and decided it was time to continue my education and become an RN. Finishing off the pre-req's for the program has been very time consuming (along with working) and I really haven't done much in the way crafty fun. But that is going to change as I am now waiting for an opening in the program.
My sweet daughter had her BFF over for a play date and wanted to make BFF shirts.
I found two shirts at Wal-Mart for $1 each in the clearance bin earlier this year and stashed it for just such and occasion. She had the general idea of what she wanted so I got online and chose some free coloring pages and used them as a template.
 I grabbed my stash of Sharpie markers, my light box and some cardboard and went to work tracing the outline of the shirt for the girls to color. They had so much fun coloring, giggling and adding their own personal touches to the design. They were so proud of themselves!!! (I thought they did a great job, I giggled as I saw them use a yellow Sharpie for the skin. It instantly made me think "jaundice," I so have too much medical terminology on the brain!)
We set them out in the sun to dry, I ironed them with a hot iron, and later they wore them for the rest of the play date. My little voice in the back of my head said, "you better hand wash that shirt just in case!" So glad I did, as the shirt did not hold the ink as well as I thought is would. I was able to get most of the bleeding out and decided to soak it in vinegar to see if that would help set the ink. Nope! It bled even more! My sweet daughter was heart broken and so was I. (I called the BFF's mom to warn her and to have her tell the BFF I was soooo sorry!!!)
The Epic Fail started when I used regular Sharpies when I should have used fabric Sharpies, and then continued when I soaked the shirts in vinegar. Note to self.......Sharpies are for paper!
So the next time I see a great deal on a t-shirt I am going to grab a set of Sharpies for fabric too!

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Amanda Bullard said...

Turned out so cute, lessoned learned, fabric sharpies only.