Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Favorite Gifts To Give

Well after a very enjoyable 20th Anniversary vacation with Mr. Crafty Camper I am back to being creative again. (Also my sewing/embroidery machine has been broken but now is fixed!!)
I thought I would share with you 3 of my favorite gifts to give. I have received many compliments when I give these gifts on how much the recipients love them and use them! (Hum, maybe I shouldn't share this........ just kidding) All of these gifts are under $10!!!!

First, on the left, laundry bags. These make great gifts for high school graduates, college students, and missionaries. I purchase the laundry bag a my local big box store for around $8 or $9. The one I love to get is made of a canvas material with a polyester bottom and pocket with a strap. It has a zipper pouch attached to the pocket to hold your quarters. I embroider the recipients name on the bag, roll it up, and tie it with tulle. It is so simple but all of the young adults I have given them to have absolutely loved them! (the pic below is not exactly what I purchase but you get the general idea)

Next, the hooded towel on the right. I actually make two different versions of this towel. One with the hood and one with out the hood.
The hooded towels are great baby shower gifts. (If you know the name of the baby you can embroider it on the towel for a sweet personalization).  For this gift, again I got to my local big box store and find a towel that has a single wide band at both ends like the picture below.
This gives you plenty of room to embroider the baby's name on it, or if you don't have an embroidery machine, you can add a super cute ribbon.
I purchase two towels and one hand towel. I can get two "hoods" from the hand towel. Sew it together and add the embroidery along with a ribbon on the band of the hood and presto you have a great gift for under $5 to $10 depending on how expensive of a towel you purchased. All the moms and kids have loved them!

Towels with no hoods are great gifts for baptisms. It is probably the number one thing forgotten on the child's baptism day. Also the kiddos love to be able to choose the color they want the CTR (Choose the Right) embroidered on the towel.

I know that these gifts are not new and trendy, but sometimes the classics are the best! I always love to give a gift with love, not just something off a registry if I can.
Enjoy your day!

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