Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Denim Christmas Stocking Tutorial

So this is it. My Denim Christmas Stocking Tutorial. I LOVE to recycle and reuse things and this is one of my favorite reuse projects. So here we go...........

I am on the "hand me down" list of a couple of great "cowboy" types who will give me their old Wrangler jeans when they have seen a little too much time in the saddle. So take an old pair of jeans and cut up the legs of the INSIDE leg seam.
Open the pant leg and trace a pattern from your favorite stocking or use a pattern that you already have. Place the front pattern piece on the right leg of the pants and the back pattern piece on the left leg of the pants.
Make sure that the center of the pattern is on the OUTSIDE seam of the pants and trace and cut out.

Follow the same steps for the back using the left leg of the pants.
Then closely trim out a pocket from the pants. I like to use the one with the tag on it but you can use what ever you prefer.

Then flip the pocket over and remove the inside piece to leave only the stitching and the front piece. This will reduce the weight and bulk of the pocket.

Then pin the pocket approximately 2 1/1 inches from the top of the front piece of the stocking.

Start stitching the pocket to the front piece just below the grommet of the pocket with dark thread in the outside seam so that your stitching doesn't show. Go all the way around the three sides of the pocket and then go to the top of the pocket and stitch just to the left or right of the grommet to secure the top portion. Part of the fabric next to the grommet can be hand stitched later if desired. I leave it undone.

Then pin right sides together matching up seams from the pants.

I use a 1/4 inch seam allowance so that there isn't a lot of bulk inside of the stocking. Seam all the way around the three sides of the stocking being careful of the original pants outside seams. It will be VERY bulky and you will need to take your time to go over it. You may wish to clip the seam allowance on the curves of the stocking to make it easier to turn right side out. Turn stocking right side out and smooth the seams with an iron.

At the top of the stocking trim the seam allowance at an angle to reduce bulk.

For the loop to hang the stocking remove a belt loop from the pants.
Pick out the stitching from the top and bottom of the loop where it was attached to the pants but leave the other stitching.

Attach and sew the loop as shown. Make sure to sew over the loops several times for strength.

Add a cute bandanna for fun and you are done!

This stocking can also be adapted for a girl by removing the pocket and cutting an extra toe section. Add lace to the toe section and double stitch for decoration. Then add lace at the top and use a double strand of ribbon for the loop!


Julie said...

they did turn out cute

Mommafo said...

Oh my gosh!! My sister would LOVE this. I may make one for her for Christmas next year. Love it!

Elissa said...

I love these :) I have shared them over on my Site's tutorial round-up,
Three Things to Make Monday.


Aadel said...

So cute! I was looking for projects to do with camouflage and I think this will work great! Making some "soldier" stockings out of my hubby's old uniforms this year.

Liz B said...

Aadel, I just retired from the Navy and I think I now know what to do with my old uniforms. Very Great idea!

Linda said...

I love this denim upcycled Christmas stocking and I hope you willlink it up to my Show It Off Thursdays party at:


It is always Christmas at OrnamentPlace.com!!