Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crafty Halloween Fun

So I have been wanting to try this Pink Fig pattern and knew that my sweet little girl just "needed" a new something to wear for Halloween. Joann's was having 50% off their Halloween fabric so I knew this would be the perfect time to try it! ( I even got the pattern on sale!!)
I loved the results!!! Top stitching was not my favorite, but it really make it come out nicely. I did run out of bobbin thread 8 inches short of my original starting point when I was making the gathering stitch so I took that as a sign and stopped for the day and went and bought some more thread.
She loves the twirl factor of this skirt and can't help but just twirl around when she has it on! Seriously it is almost horizontal when she spins around!!!

I found some cute leggings with sparkles and it just completed the look!!!