Friday, June 26, 2009

True Crafty Camper Project

So when I went to girls camp I forgot my pillow. I found a nice sized travel pillow at Wally World and just loved it. I wanted to have a fun sewing project with my kids this summer so I tried to get them the same pillow but no go. I called 3 Wally Worlds in 3 different towns and finally gave up. So I took a standard sized pillow and cut in in half and made the kids pillows.
They each got to choose their own fabric and then we made the pillow cases. My son did an excellent job and even used my serger!!!! I am soooo proud!!!!
Well this is the final project. I am very excited to use them when we go to visit Grandparents. Now we don't have so much bulk in the truck with every one's big pillows!!!

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