Monday, November 7, 2016

Water Storage on a Whole New Level

Living in a desert area I am always looking for ways to use my natural resources wisely. But I also like my house to look nice as well. I found this product that I am very excited about.
It is a rain water collection system that can have additions made to the system as well as be stored vertically or horizontally. 

It is called the Rain Water Hog! There are so many applications for this system. Schools, cabins, homes, office buildings, the list goes on.

Food grade plastic with UV protection (a must where I live) along with filters and a vent system. This can be installed almost anywhere!! Mr. Crafty Camper has one more item on his "honey do list" for this year!!! Check out their videos, instructions and photo gallery. (And no I am not being paid for this post) Happy conserving!!

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