Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Favorite Neighbor Christmas Gift

This year for our neighbor gifts (as well as Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching families gifts) we decided to go with our families favorite tradition, the bottle of sparkling juice and poppers. I decided to update it this year and called my friend Shelley and asked her to design us a tag for our bottles. I gave her the basic ideas and then she took it from there and made it FABULOUS!
So I bought a case of sparkling juice, bags of poppers, and curling ribbon and printed out the tags and Costco and went to work! I put a popper on a string for each member of the family and then attached it and the tag to the bottle with the curling ribbon. Then curled all the ribbons and Wa-lah!!! Instant fabulous neighbor gift for a New Years Celebration!!!
Now that fireworks are legal in Arizona I think I might include a few sparklers next year!!!

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