Friday, January 22, 2010

My Latest Fun Project!!

I saw these super cute place mats on clearance ($2.78 a piece) at Target and thought "those would make a really cute bag!!" So you know what I did.........
I used some fabric that I had in my stash and made pieces for the sides and the bottom and also pieced together the handles. (Sometimes I just hate it when a fabric is directional, I didn't want a seam in my handle but I had just enough when I did it that way so it has a seam but you really can't tell).
So what do you think!?! I love it and took it to school this week. It came in very handy to have some more room for an umbrella with all the rain we have gotten lately!!!
And there was a bonus....... the place mats were almost the exact size to make a really cute sewing machine cover!!!! So now I have my eye out for some more clearance place mats so I can cuteify my sewing machine!!!! I just love being crafty!!!

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Mommafo said...

that bag is adorable!!! I'm also needing a sewing machine cover, and I found some really cute placemats at Christmas Tree Shop that I didn't need, so I didn't buy. I'm thinking about running back there, I never considered that :) I like your blog, I'm adding it to my list. nice to meet you!