Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Activities

Sunday is one of my favorite days for many reasons.

#1 I usually get a fabulous nap with my husband!
#2 We have Family Planning & Family Journaling

So what is Family Planning & Family Journaling you ask? Well we set aside about 20 minuets on Sunday afternoon (we have a.m. church right now) and go over the entire families schedule for the week. This includes Mom, Dad, and all the kids. This way we know who will be where and who needs to get picked up or dropped off etc. This is also extremely helpful when you have parents and kids in school at the same time! This has really saved our bacon a few times. We like to do this activity after church so that we can get the announcements from church to make sure that we have all the church activities listed. You can have a big calendar posted in a place that everyone goes (like the kitchen or family room) where all of the scheduling is listed. Then as things come up during the week that change you can note them on the calender.
This can be adapted for little kids as well. For instance, I have a 3 year-old who has ballet school on Mondays. You can place a sticker on that day so she will know what day her school is. This can really be a fun family project and it keeps the whole family informed.

The last part of the 20 minuets is Family Journaling, where we write down what happened during the week, and funny things the kids said. Right now I write all of these things down in a separate calender so that I can use it later for scrap booking, and writing in my kids journals. But for older children this can be their time to write in their own journals. I love having this calender because I can easily recall when I took at picture. I usually circle the date that I took a picture and write a cute note of why I took the picture. It is also a great way to document extended family vacations. ( I know this seems OCD but each night before I go to bed I try to write a little something about what happened during the day in that calendar so I don't forget it)

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